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Bill is an artist from the Midwest whose works of art comes from his interest in cross-pollination in life; ways or devices humans use to communicate. Verbal languages, emblems of various sorts are symbols that we use to express our identity. He perceives these symbols and tries to utilize them in his paintings, real or imaginary.


Bill’s work is in over 450 private collections around the world, including Russia, China, Japan and Africa. His work is in five national Art Institutes, including the Chicago Art Institute. Bill has written or co-written three books art/art history. He was a technical editor on DaVinci for Dummies published by Wiley publishing.


Bill currently has retired from teaching at Olivet Nazarene University after 32 years in Bourbonnais, IL where he is the Chairman of the Department of Art and Digital Media. He has taught at several other universities before Olivet and once worked for the Chicago Cubs minor league baseball team as their graphics designer and animator. Bill has been a consultant for the state of Illinois creating art standards for the state and establishing a grading system instead of Pass/fail for elementary and middle school art programs.


When one sees Bill’s work, people realize it is a reaction to and invention upon devices, that affects us in regards to how we perceive the world. His work ultimately stems from the world of spiritual standpoints. This is a world of polarities and the interaction of things, events between various poles, signs and symbols which are merely a convenient means of focusing our attention as energy is exchanged and definitions are altered or redefined during the process. During this same set of definitions, the conceptions we have of what signs and symbols refer to also undergo a metamorphosis. In the same way as words do when used as usage adds innuendo to the original meaning.

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