Artist Statement

Bill Greiner


I was born and raised in the Midwest. I found the best images are of those I grew up with and know. Painting allows me to express my theories in color and attitudes toward life. I see in nature and the city what I see in humans, bounding, wild and ever-changing  of our very existence.


My works of art come from my interest in cross-pollination; ways or devices humans use to communicate. Verbal languages, emblems of various sorts are symbols that we use to express our identity. I perceive these symbols and try to utilize them in my paintings, real or imaginary.


While my work is a reaction to and invention upon those devices, the effects they have upon us in regards to how we perceive the world ultimately stems from the world of spiritual standpoints. This is a world of polarities and interaction of things, events between various poles, signs and symbols which are merely a convenient means of focusing our attention as energy is exchanged and definitions are altered or redefined during the process. During this same set of definitions, the conceptions we have of what signs and symbols refer to also undergo a metamorphosis. In the same way as words do when used as usage adds innuendo to the original meaning.


My concern is making works of art that are both inventive and reverential; indicating but stating both the basic harmony that exists in the imagery, but also bordering on disharmony. This state of constant fluctuation while always maintaining constant, though extreme polar limits seems to me to be the usual state of nature where humans function at their highest state of awareness. It is this higher level of activity that I strive for and hope to provoke with my work.


By manipulating the forms that could render it realistic, my goal is to create an art form that states with vitality what art is meant to do. By challenging the means in which it is categorized, it attempts to re-instill some semblance of the primordial meaning.